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One of the major success stories of the Chamber are Whitley Bay Gift Vouchers, accepted at over 60 participating businesses and one of the benefits of being a member.

The Scheme

A benefit to all Chamber members, the full face value of Whitley Bay Gift Vouchers (£5, £10, £20) will be honoured by the Chamber, meaning that there is absolutely no cost to the businesses accepting them.

Over 60 members are currently participating and it is a great way of ensuring that the money spent on vouchers is guaranteed to stay within the town - helping to improve our own economy.

The scheme has a dedicated website over at

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Photo by Trevor Ermel



We have purposely made the Whitley Bay Gift Vouchers scheme easy to participate in but there are just a few terms and conditions which go with acceptance, please be aware of them if you are interested in signing up.

How to sign up

For existing members: please log in to your profile via the login link here. Go to Your Membership then choose View or Edit, then Edit. In the field for Will Accept Whitley Bay Vouchers just tick the box then save your profile. To speed up the process it is a good idea to drop us an email to let us know you are participating then we will update the vouchers website and leaflets to include your business.

For new members: when signing up to become a Chamber member here you will be taken through a series of questions about your business. Just make sure you tick the box for WIll Accept Whitley Bay Vouchers as part of that process. Don't worry if you forget because you can always log in again and follow the steps above for existing members.

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