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If you have a special event or project planned which has the potential to benefit the town, it may qualify for a £250 Make it Happen Grant funded by the Chamber.

As an exclusive benefit to Chamber members, we will award up to £250 per project to contribute to costs such as:

  • Marketing

  • Promotional Merchandise & Leaflet Printing

  • Payment of fees e.g. event licence

  • Goods / Supplies

General Terms & Conditions

You must have been a Chamber member for at least six months before you can apply for a grant and one of the conditions is that a minimum of three Chamber members including yourself should be working on the project.

As we are all about supporting businesses based in Whitley Bay, we ask that where possible other Chamber members are used for supplies and services (e.g. printing, catering, venue hosting, consulting etc) although this is completely your own choice and it will not affect the grant decision making process.

If your grant application is successful we will make payment into your specified bank account on receipt of official quotation documents (to show payment is due) or official invoices/receipts (to show payment has already been made). You should not rely on your application being successful until you have received our confirmation of this. We will make payment usually within 7 days of receiving the required documentation.

It is also a condition of approval that you must use the Whitley Bay Chamber logo on all of your promotional items and the wording "Supported by Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade". You can download high resolution logo images from this page but you must not change our logo in any way, including the size proportions. Please allow us to view your promotional materials which use our logo, before you get them published.

You can apply for a Make It Happen Grant once every 12 months. However you can collaborate on an application twice within every financial year (April to March).

Any events or projects which are of a political nature are not applicable to a Make It Happen Grant. If your event is cancelled you must repay any monies awarded by the Chamber.

Grants are reviewed by the Chamber Committee and it is their decision which is final. You will always be notified on the outcome of your application and please note that this benefit can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

If you have any questions about Make It Happen Grants please contact

How to apply

Simple - just click on the button below to view our full Terms and Conditions plus the application form itself. You can also view our logo usage guidelines and links to images that you are permitted to use.

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