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Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade

Photo by Trevor Ermel


The Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade inspires, connects and supports businesses, services, organisations and charities within Whitley Bay, Monkseaton, and Cullercoats. We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation which works hard to improve our town's economic prosperity and represents Whitley Bay business interests on both a local, regional and national level.


The support we offer extends to both established and start-up businesses alike.

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Photo by Trevor Ermel

Whitley Bay Life

Our seaside town in the north-east of England has come a long way over recent years. We have seen investment and regeneration which has resulted in a lot of interest from business and visitors.


When you join the Chamber as a member you are entitled to a host of benefits to help you and your business thrive. Membership costs less than £1 per week and is tax deductible.





Get social with the Chamber and follow our pages

We're proud of our Social Media here at the Chamber. We have developed and seen the #OurWhitleyBay movement grow and grow across not only local social pages but across the world too.

We also own and maintain the official Our Whitley Bay profiles and love to shout about everything which is great about this special place in the north east. Our reach is regularly in the tens of thousands and that includes our mention of Chamber members, which is another benefit of joining up.

Our pages are often watched by the local media which can sometimes lead to them picking up a 'good news story' to feature in publications and even TV and radio.

There are several Whitley Bay themed social pages out there, and there's plenty of room for them all, but to be sure you're dealing with one of ours please see the links below. 

To contact us regarding social media please send an email across to Debra via

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  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok


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