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Guest writers needed!

What do you love about Whitley Bay? What is the secret to our town's ongoing success? Why do businesses love being here?

Mark and Joanne from Request a Guest

The Chamber is a community organisation and we love to spread the love and good news about everything which is happening in the area, but we would like more people to get involved and we're opening up our Blog to some guest writers who share our passion.

Have you lived or worked in the town for some time and seen all of the changes which have taken place over the last few years? What are your thoughts? What else still needs to come?

Maybe you're a business owner who wants to talk about what Whitley Bay means to you?

You might be someone with an interest in local history and want to share with us some photos of days gone by?

Or perhaps you're a local journalist who would like to do something independently for our users and members to read.

The page is blank and it is yours to fill! Are you up for the challenge?

Just send us a message with your ideas for a blog piece and we can take it from there. We will seriously consider all suggestions. Our email address is so get your thinking caps on and we hope to hear from you soon.

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