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Improvements to Whitley Bay Gift Vouchers scheme

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Following several meetings with the Chamber of Trade Committee, it has been agreed that a major change will be made to the Whitley Bay Gift Vouchers with effect from 1 July 2023.

Whitley Bay Gift Vouchers

We are pleased to confirm that the expiry date for all vouchers has now been removed and all future vouchers will not have a date printed on them. This means that shoppers can spend their vouchers when they want to and there is no rush to have them spent within a year like before.

We always recommend getting into Whitley Bay and spending your vouchers as soon as you can to benefit some of the wonderful businesses in our town but there is absolutely no need to panic if you've found some vouchers that had previously already expired.

There are still plenty of stocks of vouchers out there with dates on them but this can be ignored. All new voucher sales will not have an expiry date printed, and the date area will be removed on future stock.

To find out more about the Whitley Bay Gift Vouchers please visit the official website here.


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